I’m a big fan of making positive changes in ways that are realistic for our busy family.  When I recently saw this blog post with  “A week of positive tasks to try” I loved the idea of taking daily steps during the week to focus on simple things that create change in easy, manageable ways. 

But the ideas were more adult themed, and it got me thinking about what would make sense to use with a family.  And so, voilá –  I was inspired to create this family list – designed to help you work together to bring more positivity and cooperation into your daily life, as well as building healthy habits.

I hope you enjoy this list and find that sometimes taking just one small step everyday can lead to more fun, peace and happiness for your life & your family.  Each day has a specific focus, but feel free to move around the order you choose to complete them in. You can pick one or as many of the items that work for your family, and feel free to add your own ideas and mix it up!

Here’s a handy printable version of the Week of Healthy Habits

A fun way to make this even more kid friendly is to make a spinner with the different topics (rather than days), and let your kids spin to pick which area will be focused on for the day.  

There’s tons of great tutorials online about how to make a spinner (search game spinner rather than fidget). You can either cover up an item once you’ve done it, or just spin again.