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5 Things You Can Do Instead of Yelling at Your Kids

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Yep, you LOVE your kids, and… they are driving you nuts!

I’m Sandy Hall – Parenting Coach.

And I help parents discover the REAL reason behind their kids most frustrating behaviors (meltdowns, refusing to do chores, peer pressure from classmates, consistently missing homework assignments, and calling you a nasty name in front of your new neighbor #mortified)…

… and deliver practical SOLUTIONS to do away with CHRONIC CONFLICT. And set the stage for a harmonious family.

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Real life Solutions for Families…

“I was at my wits end – but now I feel strong, relieved & peaceful!”

Before working with Sandy, I struggled so much with my daughter’s emotional outbursts and my older daughter’s sassy attitude.

At first, I considered these challenges as just a phase, but after a year, I realized that they were more than that and I needed help.

Since working with Sandy, I’ve experienced emotional peace and strength that led me to conquer those challenges and made them something of our past.

I feel so strong and relieved and peaceful!

Hiring Sandy is an absolute no-brainer if you’re struggling to bring peace and fun into your everyday interactions with your kids and are ready to create a more loving environment at home.”

Ania H.

“Within moments, Sandy figured out why my daughter refuses to wear certain clothes. Now, we no longer fight every morning!”

My daughter started to have these unexplainable meltdowns. I felt worried, puzzled and as one fit followed another, increasingly frustrated.

Nothing I tried worked. And I felt I’d run out of options.

That’s when we were lucky enough to get Sandy Hall to help us. She assessed the situation without making me feel guilty or inadequate (which was HUGE for me). Instead of feeling like a failure I felt reassured by her simple solutions. Real stuff, I could implement right away.

As it turns out… my daughter suffered from sensory issues, which caused the fights we had over clothing. Some of the things in her closet made her hair stand on end (literally), and I just didn’t know.

Sandy’s also been able to help when issues have come up with my two other children. If you keep running into a frustrating problem with your kid, get Sandy in to problem solve and create a new strategy for you. My relationship with my daughters has improved dramatically and I’m deeply grateful I had the humility to get help. It’s worth it.

Tanya S.

“I love how these tools are applicable to everything”

Sandy Hall’s guidance in banishing screen time battles from our family has been invaluable. As a result we have clarity around our family values and how we want to have positive interactions instead of struggles.

The most beautiful part is the discussion we’ve had around these issues and how it’s flowed over into many of our family rules and behaviors together. It’s helped us think about and discuss what’s going on, how it affects us individually and as a unit, and what we want instead. Thank you, Sandy!”

Julie P.

“Sandy’s advice allowed us to cancel our son’s surgery!

It was such a frustrating, scary time for our family. The Doctor had just told us my one-year-old son needed surgery to have his adenoids removed. And I felt there must be a more gentle solution and wanted to try an elimination diet, but I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to make it realistic for our whole family.

Enter Sandy…

Sandy not only helped me create an allergy elimination diet. She also helped me structure actually implementing the diet so I could achieve the health breakthrough for my son – without going under the knife. On top of that…
Sandy Hall challenged me to take a step back and review my own relationship with food which has had amazing benefits for our family as I no longer dread dinner time.

Within days of implementing Sandy’s plan, my son’s symptoms improved dramatically.

I’ve gained confidence and ease – a deeply healing & empowering experience for the complete family.”

Patrice S.

5 Things You Can Do Instead of Yelling at Your Kids

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