Hi there, and thank you for your interest in downloading the Happy Healthy Mom’s Weekly Prep check list.  Just click the button below for immediate access!

It may sound so simple – to just plan for your week, but sometimes, when you are in the midst of being overwhelmed, it can help to have a focused plan of, well… how to plan 🙂  

I created this list as a guideline, not to feel guilty if you don’t get it done, but rather as a starting point to help you consider options that can make your week go smooth and easy, eliminating the feelings of overwhelm and stress.

If you’ve never planned your week before, start small and just pick the things that are most important to you and go from there.  Get your family involved and start to delegate tasks as well.  Some of these items might not make sense for you, if that’s the case then just mark them off or replace them with something that works for you.  

Making this list work for you is the whole point!  Included with the checklist is a User’s Guide to help clarify each of the categories, and give ideas and tips to help you plan more successfully.  After you read through it feel free to move on to making your plan!

If you have any questions, comments, or want more information please contact us here!

In health & happiness,
Sandy Hall